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A Phoenix Club Serial Thriller

For years now, Cole has been living a new life with a new family, but his dark past is catching up with him - and this time it's a matter of life and death. A stalker is lurking in the shadows, threatening Cole's loved ones, and leaving cryptic clues behind. And when Cole finally comes face-to-face with his stalker, he realizes that this is just the beginning of a nightmare that he thought was long over. As he unearths buried secrets and confronts the demons of his past, he must also reveal a disturbing secret to his husband and friends that he's kept locked up tight for years. But will they be strong enough to face the truth and the danger that comes with it?

Cole: The Demons (Book 2) is an intense and thrilling story of love, family, and survival, where the price of redemption may be higher than anyone expects.

CONTENT WARNING: Violence, Gore, Strong Language, M/M sexual situations.
TRIGGER WARNING: Physical, Mental, & Sexual abuse. Psychological torment. Depictions and references to kidnapping and torture. 

**Reading Order:

- Cole: Mind of Madness: A Prelude

- Cole: The Mangler: Book 1

- Cole: The Demons: Book 2

COLE BK 2 - Hardcover.png
A true piece of writing is a Dangerous thing...
  can Change your Life.
- Tobias Wolff


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