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A Phoenix Club Serial Thriller


With Gabe in the hospital and three others missing, Cole must unravel the dark secrets hidden within the shadows. As the only one privy to the kidnappers' identities and their chilling capabilities, Cole is thrust into a dangerous game of cat and mouse where every decision could mean the difference between life and death.


CONTENT WARNING: Violence, Gore, Strong Language, M/M sexual situations.
TRIGGER WARNING: Physical, Mental, & Sexual abuse. Psychological torment. Depictions and references to kidnapping and torture. 

**Reading Order:

- Cole: Mind of Madness: A Prelude

- Cole: The Mangler: Book 1

- Cole: The Demons: Book 2

- Cole: The Madman: Book 3

Releasing 04/30/24
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The Phoenix Club Freedom Cruise

“Leave your inhibitions on shore!”


All aboard the Freedom Cruise! Where freedom knows no bounds!


Join the Phoenix boys and friends as they get wet & wild on the high seas! When the Phoenix Club sponsors an Independence Day cruise event – The Freedom Cruise – and the boys invite their naughtiest friends—things get down and dirty real fast. This isn’t only a fun, filthy getaway, but also the 1-year wedding anniversary for some of the club couples, so get ready for some sizzling romance as well!


Come sail away with old friends and meet some hot new friends along the way. Get crazy with the boys—or sit back and watch, whatever floats your boat. Either way, you’re guaranteed an orgasmic good time! See you on board!


FOGGY BASIN SERIES (Multi-Author Series)

"Only through facing his deepest fears will he find the strength to rebuild his world from the ashes of his past."

In the small town of Foggy Basin, Lincoln Ash bears the weight of an unspeakable tragedy that forever changed his life. Haunted by a guilt that drove him from his hometown seven years ago, he has finally returned to confront his two greatest fears; Fire… and the broken love he left behind.

Explore the depths of Lincoln emotional journey in this unforgettable story of the resilience of the human spirit and love's enduring flame.

Welcome to Foggy Basin. Just passing through? No problem. Here to stay, well, better find your place. Sit back, relax and get to know the townsfolk. They love hard and play even harder. Each book is a standalone but why not stay and get to know us and read them all.

ASH FIREHOUSE: Small Town Romance

Releasing 07/04/24
Releasing 08/27/24
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  can Change your Life.
- Tobias Wolff


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