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*CJ Bishop also writes M/M fiction under her real name - A.M. Snead.

Born and raised in scenic Coos County, Oregon, CJ enjoys the small-town atmosphere and down-to-earth country folk who populate the area. She lives with her 3 dogs, and 2 cats deep in the country woodlands which gives her plenty of time to write.

She is a Christian and a strong supporter of the LGBT community and favors M/M themed fiction. She hopes that her stories of love and acceptance will help further compassion and understanding for LGBT people whom she feels is greatly misunderstood and persecuted - in a large part by the Christian community.

Most of all, she is hopeful that her stories will bring comfort to those who have been told that God hates them because they are different. It is her steadfast belief that God loves everyone and His love covers all.

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