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by CJ Bishop & A.M. Snead
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When four young sex trafficking victims come to the foster house—rescued from a brothel upstate—the caretakers of the house, Emmy and Oliver, are most concerned for the youngest: thirteen-year-old Franny. The child is withdrawn and fearful and panics whenever a doctor attempts to examine her. Certain that Franny is the most psychologically damaged of the four new girls, Emmy and Oliver are shaken to the core when, Amber, one of the older girls awaiting an abortion, abruptly and brutally takes her own life.

Seeking personal aid from Max and Horatio Kaplan-Raines—founders of the foster house—Oliver and Emmy quickly notice a fatherly affection developing in the men for Franny. Yet, the young girl remains distant and distrustful, even growing suspicious of her two new friends, Nina and Kelly. As truths arise concerning Franny, the four adults fear she may follow Amber’s fatal path unless they can convince her that they care about her and that she can trust them.

However, they soon discover that Franny’s fear isn’t for herself… but for someone much more precious.

TRIGGER WARNING: Teen suicide. PTSD as a result of sexual and psychological abuse. References to child sex trafficking.


After watching his mother die of a broken heart, Micah Rose fears that the events of his youth have damaged him, rendering him incapable of falling in love—until an unexpected chance encounter ignites a fleeting spark of hope in his heart—only to be extinguished a moment later, leaving Micah more certain than ever that the miracle of love is a myth…at least for him.

Just when he is ready to accept his fate of a lonely existence, Micah meets Salvador—a weary old man consumed with regret and longing to reach out to a family he abandoned years ago. When Micah befriends the old man and aids him in his quest to reunite with his family, he has no idea that his small act of kindness has set in motion a chain of events that will change his life forever. 

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A stand-alone “Boys of Porn” Novella

"A sexy new delivery boy. A fun new conquest."  


Delivery boy Eric West has no idea what's waiting for him at 1300 Silver Creek Drive—but clearly, his buddies at work do as they bid him farewell—with joking and laughter—as if he were sailing off to a new world...never to be seen again.  


What Eric finds at the last stop of his route is truly a new world, frightening at first...then a little bit intriguing...and ultimately the wildest, hottest, most erotic experience of his life. 

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M/M supernatural romance.

One year ago this Halloween, tragedy destroyed life as Chad Timmons knew it. For a year now, he has suppressed the pain and memories. With the anniversary of the incident, everything begins to surface, deepening Chad's despair. He begins to question his sanity as he starts to see things that couldn't possibly be there. How much of it is real? How much merely figments of his fractured heart and mind?

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“His fears took him away. His heart brought him back.” 

What if homosexuality wasn’t a sin? What if the “clobber” passages in the Bible had been grossly misinterpreted? What if it really was “okay to be gay”? What if God “didn’t” hate homosexuals? 


These are questions youth pastor Dean Mitchell has addressed, and come to learn the damage he has caused the young people of his former church while heading up the Purity program—a conversion therapy course for Christian youth experiencing same-sex attraction. 


When Dean returns to his home church after being away for two years, no one is prepared for what he has to say. His heart is torn when he comes face to face with Nicholas Blake, the young man he had fallen in love with while attempting to help him overcome his homosexuality. Nicholas Blake—who is now engaged to a woman and, to all intents and appearances, “healed” of his homosexuality. 


Now, Dean must deal with his own wounded heart as he struggles to come to terms with his feelings about the young man and his newfound happiness with a woman, and his possible expulsion from the church he loves so dearly.

M/M faith-based romance. Mild sexual content. For listeners ages 16 and up.


M/M/F erotic romance.

Madison has a secret fantasy she keeps all to herself. A fantasy involving her husband, Blaine, and his gay best friend, Ryan. Nearly every night, Madison dreams of watching Blaine and Ryan get hot and heavy with one another. Little does she know—the line between fantasy and reality runs quite thin, if not nonexistent.

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"I will not lose that ranch--if I have to hogtie him and lock him in the damn basement!"

Heff Wilder’s world is shattered when he receives word that his sister and brother-in-law, Mandy and Frank Zayne, have died in a car accident. Since the death of their parents when Heff was ten, Heff and Mandy were each other’s rocks. Now, at just twenty-one, Heff suddenly feels lost and alone. Things get worse when he learns of a special clause inserted into Mandy and Frank’s will concerning their horse ranch: Heff must live on the property and run the ranch with Frank’s younger brother, Garland—or the ranch will be turned over to the state to be auctioned off. Five years ago, Heff fled the ranch to get away from Garland Zayne. How could he go back now and live with the one man who had hurt him most?

Garland Zayne is shocked—and infuriated—by the unexpected clause in his brother’s will. Garland had busted his back right alongside Frank to build the ranch up from nothing—the ranch should have rightfully gone to him. Focusing on his anger and confusion over the ranch distracted him from the unbearable loss of his big brother and the woman who had loved him like a sister. An avoidable loss that he caused—at least, that’s what he believes. And now, amidst his grief, guilt, and anguish, he is forced to confront a troubling, painful past as well—in Heff Wilder. Facing the young man after five years stirs up memories both good and bad, but mostly bad as he can’t forget how he wronged the boy—then turned on him, causing Heff to flee his presence and never return to the ranch. Until now.

Just as they are about to walk away from one another, dormant feelings are awakened and put to the ultimate test as they suddenly find themselves caught in a violent storm—within and without—that threatens to destroy everything they didn’t know still mattered.


Inspired by Jake Jaxson's short film The Haunting


Van Ryder is surprised to learn the caretaker job for the Whittaker chalet is still available, and quickly grabs it up. It's the perfect place to bring his new boyfriend, Benjamin Sweet, to get him away from his demanding parents who don't understand his "lifestyle". 

When Van learns the story behind the chalet and why it is so hard to keep caretakers, he debates whether or not to tell Benjamin—who gets spooked by all things "supernatural". But when they take a detour into a cemetery on their way to the chalet, Benjamin has a strange and unsettling encounter with a mysterious, heartbroken boy who will ultimately force both Benjamin and Van to reevaluate their views on love, life...and what truly awaits a person beyond the veil of death.

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Book one, Dark Soul

When Dr. Frank Harlan, the head psychiatrist at Black Moon Asylum, took in six-year-old Alec Strom, he knew the child was evil. Yet despite the dark soul residing within Alec, Frank felt bonded to the child—compelled to save him from the darkness consuming him. After 13 years of striving to help Alec, Frank is startled to realize that the care he feels for his patient has stealthily developed into something deeper, stronger, than a mere doctor/patient relationship. But when Alec attacks and murders a visiting psychiatrist, Frank is terrified of what will become of Alec—and even more terrified of his own feelings for the disturbed and dangerous young man.

Now, Frank sits alone in his office at the asylum on the night of Alec’s execution, awaiting news of Alec’s death. Alone with his memories of a troubled child he watched grow into a troubled young man…and somehow fell in love with along the way. When the fated call comes in, he is consumed with sadness and a sense of failure. But the awful night turns to horror when Frank is suddenly faced with the terrifying reality that evil isn’t so easily extinguished.


Book two, Black Heart

For two years, Frank Harlan has kept the memory of Alec Strom hidden deep in his mind—behind a door with a broken lock. Troubled by his attraction to the disturbed and dangerous young man, Frank has left the asylum and now struggles with the daily reality that Alec is still out there somewhere—and that a part of Frank longs for the boy to return.

One night, after sharing drinks with his longtime friend—Warden Ron McNeil—who urges him to let go of Alec’s memory and move on with his life, Frank meets a young go-go dancer who ignites his long-suppressed sexual desires. Frank takes the young man home and spends a passion-filled night with the boy…only to discover that not all things are as they appear.


Book three, Burning Love

Frank is horrified when he learns that Alec caused the bar fire—and why he did it. Believing that his best friend, Ron McNeil, was also one of Alec’s victims, Frank is devastated and forced to remove his blinders where Alec is concerned. Unwilling to be the “reason” behind Alec’s deadly acts, Frank is left with no choice but to send Alec away and insist he not come back. Alec displays no emotion in response to Frank’s decision and leaves.

Truths quickly surface that cause Frank to doubt his decision to send Alec away. When another fire in a remote area not far from the city is broadcast on the news within 24 hours of Alec’s departure—indicating two dead—Frank is convinced it is Alec’s doing. Realizing Alec is more dangerous out on his own, without supervision, Frank is compelled to find him and take him somewhere away from people—for everyone’s sake, including Alec’s. Yet locating someone who can change appearances at will is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


cowboy gangster: the innocent series


When Clint and the boys “clean house” after discovering a small dangerous operation of child sex traffickers, they find themselves pulled into a nightmare of unparalleled proportions where children are nothing but “merchandise” and the depth of depravity and abuse beyond human comprehension.

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Eight short stories of burning passion and real love. A collection of M/M erotic romance, including the following short stories by A.M. Snead:

"Broken Road": One brokenhearted boy. Two sexy, compassionate strangers. Three warm, willing bodies on a cold night. 


"Just a Kiss": It was just a little kiss to prove a point. 


"Hidden Desires": What meets the eye, isn’t always as it appears. 


"Room with View": Wrong room, right time. 


"Birthday Wish": His 22nd birthday. A hot bartender. And one wish. 


"Win, Lose or Draw": It isn’t whether you win or lose…it’s how you play the game. 


"Ghost of Chance": “I will love you until the end…and even then.” 


"Hands On": Two ships passing in the night…or a fated encounter? 

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Deadly Devotion: Soulscape BK 4 (M/M Paranormal Romance)

Afraid for both Alec and those who encounter him, Frank purchases an old farmhouse and takes Alec away from the city. Just as they are settling in and Frank is beginning to experience a sense of peace—a new potential threat arises in the form of a hostile neighbor, whose brother just happens to be the town sheriff. 

When Alec makes bold and damaging accusations against their neighbor, insisting he is abusing his wife and young son, Frank feels his hope for a peaceful existence begin to slip away. As darker secrets surface about the man next door, Frank’s concern and fear escalate as Alec makes no attempt to hide his “dislike” for their unsavory neighbor.



When Adrian's 4 y/o nephew, Jules, is abducted by Adrian's brother Tazz - leader of a motorcycle gang - it is up to Clint and the boys to get him back, by any means necessary. Guilty of beating Jules' mother to death, both Tazz and his right-hand-man, Blade, will not receive the mercy of a bullet to the brain, but rather be checked into the infamous "Guest Chamber" where the punishment always fits the crime and, at times...exceeds it.

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"What is life...without each other?"

When the FBI comes snooping around, asking questions about the butchered traffickers at the orphanage and warehouse...Clint and Cochise's freedom is threatened. Their families are suddenly staring down a frightening future without the two men they love the most as they struggle to cope with this new and painful reality. 

WARNING: Contains violence, strong language, and explicit M/M sexual scenes and situations.

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"Being an ass—can get your ass in trouble."

Nolan both anticipates and dreads hotshot skier Lane Cassiter's annual appearance at the Winterhaven ski lodge where Nolan works. His natural physical attraction to the guy is offset by his internal disdain of Lane's bigot attitude. When Nolan is caught in the cross-hairs of Lane and his friends, a wager is made that might just get him the one thing he never dreamed possible—Lane Cassiter in his bed.

But when circumstances arise that instigate Nolan to propose a counter-offer that involves both his and Lane's best friends, events take an unexpected turn that catches them all in a whirlwind of confusing emotions and startling realities.

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With the threat of Randall Scott now eliminated, Frank is cautiously hopeful that life with Alec—and Sheriff Dennis Hawkins—can be a comfortable life of love and relaxation. As things settle down, Frank contemplates resuming Alec's therapy, desperate to get to the core of Alec's origins. His plans are temporarily derailed when Ron and James make a surprise visit.

As Frank struggles with the tension of having his observant best friend in close quarters with “Zeke”—new risks to their peace and safety are quietly building in and around the town of Coldbrook. Risks that Alec means to annihilate before they inflict harm upon the doc…or the sheriff.


Content Warning: Explicit M/M sexual situations. Strong language. Violence.

Trigger Warning: Homophobic Hate speech. Sexual harassment. References to sexual abuse/rape.

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Axel, Kane, and their families and friends struggle to adjust to Clint and Cochise's absence, each consumed by fear of what has become of them as they search for clues that will identify the abductors.

Meanwhile, shut away in a remote prison in the Texas wastelands, Clint and Cochise attempt to assimilate into a hardened world where horrors of the worst kind gather just beneath the surface, devising nightmares for the most innocent of them all.


Content Warning: Explicit M/M sexual situations. Strong language. Violence.

Trigger Warning: Child sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse

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Collection includes the first three installments of the Curious Boys series:


When Sean accepts Gideon’s invite for straight boys to come satisfy their curiosity about gay sex, he isn’t prepared for the personal revelations that will follow–or the ultimate choice that will change his life forever.


After a drunken night in which he makes out with his gay best friend, Hal–Dylan is struck with the sobering reality that he may not be as straight as he thought. When Hal convinces him to sign up for Gideon's "Curious Boys" segment, Dylan is both nervous and excited. Until he arrives and finds himself surrounded by the lusty gay porn stars, each of them eager to be the one to usher him across that line that can't be uncrossed. But will it be one of the sexy porn boys who push him past the point of no return—or someone closer to home?


Samson’s curiosity for all things in general inevitably lead him to the conundrum–why are some people attracted to the same gender and others aren’t. As his curiosity gets the better of him, Samson signs up for Gideon Dodd’s Curious Boys segment to explore this “phenomenon.” Being a man of logic, Samson approaches the experiment in a scientific spirit, eager for answers and a final analysis. But within the walls of Gideon’s home, Samson makes an unexpected discovery about himself as he is introduced to two very special boys who make it difficult to view as mere “test subjects.”

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This collection includes the previously published short stories and novellas:

  • As Luck Would Have It

  • Sleeping with the Enemy

  • Painted Passion

  • The Ghost of Devon House

  • Journey to the Center of the Heart

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After being stood up for a date, Rick is feeling like an old shoe about to be tossed out. But when his son's friend, Hale, talks up his hotness and sexiness, he begins to think maybe men his own age isn't where it's at, and decides to call Hale's bluff and see if he truly thinks Rick is as sexy and hot as he insists.

Caught up in their new sexual relationship, Rick and Hale struggle to keep their love affair a secret from Rick’s son (and Hale’s best friend) – Jake – uncertain how far this sexual adventure will take them or if it will last beyond a momentary fling. But when Hale reveals to Rick a quietly kept secret about his passion for D/s sex – as well as his first experience in rough sex play – Rick feels a new and deeper bond forming between him and the younger man.


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For Clint's birthday, Axel makes special plans to take him someplace where he can truly explore his "inner" cowboy. With many of the family members along for the ride, the birthday surprise is sure to excite and entertain.

To learn more about these characters, check out the full Phoenix Club/Cowboy Gangster saga available in the following bundles:

The Phoenix Club (Five book bundle)

The Phoenix Chronicles (Four book trilogy)

The Cowboy Gangster (Four book bundle)

The Phoenix Wedding (Six book bundle)

The Cowboy Gangster: Badass collection (Four book bundle)

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Clint and Cochise lead their ragtag group of gangsters on a heart-pumping journey to uncover the truth about their missing loved ones. The story takes readers on a wild ride through an obscure island wilderness, where danger lurks around every corner and trust is hard to come by. As they work tirelessly to piece together the clues, the gangsters find themselves pinned against a ruthless enemy with no mercy in sight. Will they be able to rescue their loved ones, or will they fall victim to the same fate?





Ardan MacNamara and Fabian Bloom thought they had left their past behind them, but when their sons are kidnapped in a horrific attack, their world is turned upside down. As they search for their children, they come across a force so evil and dangerous that they must seek help from an unlikely source. With no stone left unturned, the two men must push themselves to their limits to save their loved ones from a fate worse than death. Will they be able to overcome their past and rescue their children?



"The Island" is a thrilling tale of loyalty and perseverance, an enthralling page-turner that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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While Clint rallies support inside the prison, Cochise ventures outside the walls with Hallahan to pick up some “cargo”—unaware that he is about to embark on an unplanned rescue mission that will ultimately bring him to his knees and remind him what’s most important in life.

Agent Alvarez and his men take up their own mission of mercy while, within the prison walls, the two gangsters find themselves in an unexpected situation that could not only cost them the mission—but their lives as well. 


Content Warning: Explicit M/M sexual situations. Strong language. Violence.

Trigger Warning: Child sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse

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When we took this job, I knew that when it ended—the cowboy would take a few extra demons home with him. He’s a tough SOB—the toughest I know—but this shit gets to him. These kids. It’s bad enough witnessing the aftermath of their abuse, what it does to them in the long run…but losing them is worse. The cowboy lost one, to no fault of his own. But he will own that blame nonetheless and carry it home. The rest will be up to Axel. He’s good for Clint. He tames the cowboy’s demons.


My Egyptian brother has protected me for years—even at the beginning, when he pretended to despise me. We don’t talk about his protective nature over me, it’s just there. But I see it, feel it—and it bonds us tighter as brothers. It doesn’t exist because he thinks me weak. I know better than anyone that he feels safest when I have his back. And vice versa. He knows this horror show with these kids messes me up. It burrows in, takes root, and torments me. Who would’ve thought I’d ever give a damn to this degree? Not me. Not Cochise. Not anyone who knew me before. But I’m not the only one affected by these missions to hell. I’m not the only one who has changed. Cochise has collected his fair share of demons as well… he just deals with them differently. He encountered demons during his venture outside the prison—and he sent them back to hell. But he didn’t come back from it untouched. He came back attached—to three siblings with nowhere to go, no one to turn to. I’m not the only one who gives a damn. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him—a man whose presence alone strikes terror into the hearts of his enemies—but his heart is huge and gold through and through.



Content Warning: Explicit M/M sexual situations. Strong language. Violence.

Trigger Warning: Child sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse

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