Short Stories & Novellas
Phoenix Christmas - NB.png
A Very Phoenix Christmas

Christmas at The Phoenix Club is a culmination of "Naughty" and "Nice" with plenty of "gifts" to go around.

Join the party as the club's regulars - along with a few new faces (and other lovely parts) - celebrate the Christmas season in their own special, sexy way that will leave you sweating and panting and grinning like a lovesick fool.

Cowboy Up - NB.png
Cowboy Up

For Clint's birthday, Axel makes special plans to take him someplace where he can truly explore his "inner" cowboy. With many of the family members along for the ride, the birthday surprise is sure to excite and entertain.

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- The Phoenix Chronicles (3-Book trilogy)
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Cowboy Love - NB.png
Cowboy Love


Clint and Axel finally have a night to themselves. While the kids are away, the cowboys will play as they delve into a long night of love, lust, and wild, uninhibited passion. The thrills are endless and the "rides" are free.

Private Invitation - NB.png
Private Invitation


"Two sizzling worlds are about to collide."

When Gideon's Angels - renowned porn stars - show up at the Phoenix Club, the sexual heat is explosive from both sides.

Ricky - the Angels' #1 fan - decides who better to be the star guests at his and the boys' porn party than the sexy porn stars themselves. The Angels go one better and invite the Phoenix boys back to Chicago to host the party on their own home turf where all inhibitions are left at the door and nothing is taboo.


Thing Called Love.png
Crazy Little Thing Called Love

"Love Collection"


A mixed collection of short stories and short-shorts within the Phoenix Club/Cowboy Gangster universe, spotlighting some of the younger characters and their blossoming romances + a BONUS story of budding love at its most innocent stage.

Stories included in the collection:

  • LOVE STORM (Be Mine Pt. 1): When Bobby and Laney move in with the Phoenix Club’s brat pack, Bobby’s “preferences” are put to the test as he questions his sexuality and puzzles over his attraction to Ash.

  • SECRET ADMIRER (Be Mine Pt. 2): Worried that David may not love him anymore, Robby is overjoyed when he receives a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift from David. But when he overhears David talking to their adoptive dad, Wil Jordan, uncertainties about the source and nature of the gift begin to surface.

  • BEAUTIFUL BOYS (Be Mine Pt. 3): Believing he is destined to spend Valentine’s Day alone, Tae struggles to hide his disappointment from his family. His sadness consumes him… until someone comes knocking at his heart’s door.

  • LOCKED IN LOVE: The harsh atmosphere of prison life keeps Nick on edge as he strives to protect Christian from the dangerous elements within the prison walls. Christian wishes to give Nick just one night of peace where he can relax and not worry. When a deadly new arrival shows up at the prison and takes an interest in Nick and Christian, Nick’s anxieties heighten, knowing he can’t protect Christian—or himself—from this dangerous man. Nick struggles to prepare himself for the inevitable… when events abruptly take an unexpected turn.


Saddle Up.png
Saddle Up: A Cedar Ridge Ranch novella

"I will not lose that ranch--if I have to hogtie him and lock him in the damn basement!"

Heff Wilder’s world is shattered when he receives word that his sister and brother-in-law, Mandy and Frank Zayne, have died in a car accident. Since the death of their parents when Heff was ten, Heff and Mandy were each other’s rocks. Now, at just twenty-one, Heff suddenly feels lost and alone. Things get worse when he learns of a special clause inserted into Mandy and Frank’s will concerning their horse ranch: Heff must live on the property and run the ranch with Frank’s younger brother, Garland—or the ranch will be turned over to the state to be auctioned off. Five years ago, Heff fled the ranch to get away from Garland Zayne. How could he go back now and live with the one man who had hurt him most?

Garland Zayne is shocked—and infuriated—by the unexpected clause in his brother’s will. Garland had busted his back right alongside Frank to build the ranch up from nothing—the ranch should have rightfully gone to him. Focusing on his anger and confusion over the ranch distracted him from the unbearable loss of his big brother and the woman who had loved him like a sister. An avoidable loss that he caused—at least, that’s what he believes. And now, amidst his grief, guilt, and anguish, he is forced to confront a troubling, painful past as well—in Heff Wilder. Facing the young man after five years stirs up memories both good and bad, but mostly bad as he can’t forget how he wronged the boy—then turned on him, causing Heff to flee his presence and never return to the ranch. Until now.

Just as they are about to walk away from one another, dormant feelings are awakened and put to the ultimate test as they suddenly find themselves caught in a violent storm—within and without—that threatens to destroy everything they didn’t know still mattered.