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Stand-Alone Novels

Guilty By Blood - NB.png
Guilty By Blood: Santiago Family novel

** This is the revised & updated version, re-published at the same time as its companion novel - "REAPER" (cowboy gangster series).

When her boyfriend, Armand, cheats on her, Caterina goes looking for a distraction from his memory and the hurt he left behind. Flynn is the perfect specimen; Irish/Italian, sexy as hell, and sure to be the very thing to occupy her mind—and her body—if only for one hot, exciting night. Except Caterina isn’t prepared for the emotional impact the man has on her, and she fears falling into the same painful situation she was in with Armand—a man that her “boys” at home had warned her against. What would they think of her bringing home another man so soon? How “rigorously” would they interrogate him?

The instant Flynn sees Caterina walking down the street and entering the pub, he knows she’s the woman of his fantasies—fantasies that can be lived out in the space of one night. The woman is clearly looking for some company and Flynn is right there to accommodate her. In the heat of passion, though, he glimpses the pain she is hiding and is shaken by how deeply it affects him. But just as he’s beginning to think he could fall for her, he learns who her family is—the infamous Santiago crime family—and he understands that whatever ‘could have been’ can never be; not when their families are mortal enemies…and he means to kill the man she calls her brother.

Hunted Hearts - NB.png
Hunted Hearts: Complete Volume

The small boy came out of nowhere, a ghostly figure in the darkness and snow, his sudden appearance causing an accident plunging Erika James into a surreal world where love and compassion reside in the heart of beasts, and monsters wear the faces of men.

*Contains explicit M/F and M/M sex scenes, violence, and strong language. 18+ readers only.

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